I recently heard the phrase, “It doesn’t matter what people call you. What matters is what you choose to answer to.” Those words started me reflecting on my life and the negative names that people have called me over the years that shaped my personality. In elementary school I was the teacher’s pet. Strangely, I… Read More

Today I walked a different path…again. On my previous morning walks on the new path, my marker was the boardwalk. Once I reached that, I turned around and walked back to the parking lot. The boardwalk appeared to have a decline, which meant walking its incline upon my return. It looked too steep for my… Read More

Today on my walk I went down a different path. I wasn’t sure what was down there, but it peaked my curiosity. For three months I went to a park near my home and walked the same trail. The park has five miles of trails, but I carved out my regular journey that took me… Read More

This is a repost of an Easter blog from 2013. I have written other Easter blogs, but this one continues to be my favorite because it’s about gratitude. Enjoy! In elementary school my brother and I walked home to eat lunch. Our mom had our food prepared when we arrived so that we could eat,… Read More

My Aunt Earlene told me that I would always be in the middle. She was not referring to me being the middle child, because I’m not. Leaning my head to the side like a confused puppy, I asked what she meant. She replied: You are smarter than some people. Some people are smarter than you.… Read More

This is a repost from a blog that I wrote in 2010. Some of the TV programs may be outdated, but the message at the end remains the same. A product of the 60s, I got my views on family life from the family TV shows of that era… Leave It to Beaver, Father Knows… Read More

I enjoy listening to music, but some of the lyrics have made me listen beyond the beat! The people who wrote and or/sing some of these songs have some deep and often disturbing messages behind them. Here are lyrics from three different songs. “I’ll catch a grenade for you. I’ll die for you, but you… Read More

   It’s like throwing a handful of mud against the wall…some of it will stick, but most of it will fall off. So it was for me with my brief online dating venture. I met some men…but most (OK none) of them were a match.  I let a friend talk me into trying this new age way to… Read More

We all have known someone on a figurative sinking ship (or boat) whose inability to save themselves threatened to take us down with them if we jumped aboard. We consider ourselves being empathetic when we identify with someone else’s pain. Simply commenting, “I know how you feel,” is seldom enough to keep someone afloat. So… Read More

Gone are the days when a good fight in the parking lot solved problems. Or when mere bluffing was enough to deter a fight. The dunce corner was the place where students took time out to think about their errant behavior. Arm-wrestling used to be the best way to determine the better man. Now apologies… Read More