It’s like throwing a handful of mud against the wall…some of it will stick, but most of it will fall off. So it was for me with my brief online dating venture. I met some men…but most (OK none) of them were a match.  I let a friend talk me into trying this new age way to… Read More

We all have known someone on a figurative sinking ship (or boat) whose inability to save themselves threatened to take us down with them if we jumped aboard. We consider ourselves being empathetic when we identify with someone else’s pain. Simply commenting, “I know how you feel,” is seldom enough to keep someone afloat. So… Read More

Gone are the days when a good fight in the parking lot solved problems. Or when mere bluffing was enough to deter a fight. The dunce corner was the place where students took time out to think about their errant behavior. Arm-wrestling used to be the best way to determine the better man. Now apologies… Read More

I divided the 60-year acting career of the legendary Bette Davis into three stages. Stage One 1931-1941, was the often bratty (and the other B-word too), rich and feisty Davis starring in films including, The Great Lie, Dark Victory and Jezebel. We can sum up this phase as the one where she always got her… Read More

I gave away an old Rolodex yesterday, but before I did I purged the cards that I had used. Time out: for those of you who don’t know what a Rolodex is, it is a large round clunky phone book. Not really a book per se, it has blank cards for you to write phone… Read More