Is it just me or is anyone else concerned about what people post on social media? I don’t care if you share your own pictures and personal information, but don’t share mine without my permission! When I take a photo with friends, I don’t expect to see it on their informational site…but often that’s exactly where… Read More

  Many times life sends us messages that we choose to ignore. These messages or “red flags” stare us in the face and if we would pay attention to them, we might just be able to escape the drama that often accompanies them! Let’s look at some red flags: – when a person tells you… Read More

I am happy to report that many stores are now carrying fashionable clothes in sizes for large people. However, some stores put those large-sized clothes on a different floor. I don’t get it! Large people aren’t a different species, so why are their items located elsewhere? Clothes should be displayed in the same area. I… Read More

In life, love, and relationships there are rules…some are well known while others are not as widely publicized, but more important! I call these the unwritten rules. Let’s start with life. Most of these written rules we learned in kindergarten. They were called manners, morals, and values. Things like saying please and thank you. Learning… Read More