Give love at Christmastime are lyrics from a popular Christmas song. Generally the holidays are a happy and festive time of year filled with gift-giving, food, and fellowship. That’s the stuff great memories are made of!

For some people the holiday season has lost its luster! Whether due to death of a significant friend or family member, job loss, divorce, health challenges, or any change that alters tradition, it’s just not fun anymore! I have been in all of the above stated situations! I understand what it feels like to want to climb under a rock at Christmas and wait until it blows over!

Pain zaps the joy out of Christmas! But you can still give love! Trust me, you need to let others know that you still love them and you could use a good dose of love yourself!

Here’s how you do it!

If you are the one suffering:

–  Let those close to you know that you can’t celebrate the holidays as you normally do. Trust me,

    they will want to hug you!

–  Offer to get together with them at another time for fellowship or just to chat by phone.

–  Create a new tradition.

If you know someone who is suffering you can:

– Send a card or letter acknowledging their situation and send words of encouragement.

– Send old pictures of happier days.

– Cook their favorite dish.

– Drop off some baked goods at their front door, ring the doorbell…then leave.

– Give them a gift card.

My final tip for you no matter which side of the holiday fence you’re standing on….give love! That can be in the form of something concrete like a gift, a card, or a phone call. It can even be a warm thought.

I believe that others can feel your positive thoughts. Give yourself permission to feel sad if you are grieving…that is the best way to move through it! It is also a form of giving love to yourself…accepting where you are!

Send love to yourself and others…at Christmastime and always!  It is the best happy, healing present there is!