I enjoy listening to music, but some of the lyrics have made me listen beyond the beat! The people who wrote and or/sing some of these songs have some deep and often disturbing messages behind them. Here are lyrics from three different songs.

“I’ll catch a grenade for you. I’ll die for you, but you won’t do the same.”What!!! No, I won’t catch a grenade for you and forget about the dying part too! Heck, I wouldn’t want anyone to do that for me either! If a person starts talking about wanting to die for you, I have only one suggestion…RUN!!!!! I suspect that a person with this mentality is capable of not only dying for you, but killing you! This message screams MURDER-SUICIDE!

“I love you even with all of your faults.”Now this is suppose to be a love song. It has lovely music and I was caught up rocking my head and thinking how nice it would be for someone to say to me the kind things the singer was saying, until he blurted out that line. My immediate response was, “What faults? This is just who I am!” Then anger set it. Who is anyone to determine my faults!  The song had long ended and I was still fuming! If someone loves me, he doesn’t see faults he sees character! The message I heard in this song is don’t get involved with people who think you have faults. They will forever be trying to change you!

“When a heart breaks, no it don’t break even.” This is my favorite because truer words have never been written! The lyrics in this song perfectly define heartache! One person is falling apart while the other seems to be effortlessly caring on with life. It’s like they weren’t even in the same relationship! If they were, they would be just as unglued as you! The message here is when a relationship ends, don’t expect both people to react the same. This song is not as alarming as the previous two. All it says to me is that people grieve differently…but I would like it if you could feel the same pain as I do! No signs of wanting to harm or annoy anyone.