It’s like throwing a handful of mud against the wall…some of it will stick, but most of it will fall off. So it was for me with my brief online dating venture. I met some men…but most (OK none) of them were a match. 

I let a friend talk me into trying this new age way to meet men. First, I joined a paid site…I figured only cheap losers would be on the freebies! I wrote a slamming profile, posted my most flattering photo, then threw the mud against the wall. Here is what stuck:

The Scholar – This jerk spent all his time telling me where he traveled, what books he read, and the famous people he knew. When I didn’t have a clue what he was talking about, he told me that I needed to read more, travel more, and get out more. NEXT!

The Atheist – This guy believed that organized religion was for people who needed a support group. Though his line of thinking didn’t freak me out…his toothless photo did. MOVING ON!

The Writer – I thought I was on to something with this man, because we shared a passion for writing. But when he sent me a draft of his 800-page romance novel…I knew he was out of my league! Everything I’ve written over 20 years don’t add up to 800 pages! But the icing on the cake was when he professed his love for me after two conversations! DELUSIONAL!

I thought I needed to change my strategy and try a site that selected a match for me. I found a company that boasted that it could match people based on compatibility. After a free survey…which took almost an hour to complete, I got my results…WE FOUND NO MATCHES!

Presently, I have cashed in my online dating chips. I threw some “dating mud” against the wall and nothing stuck!

Note: This is a re-post from 2010. I have not jumped into the online dating pool since then. However, I am happy to report that three of my friends…all age 60+…successfully found spouses through online dating.