Gone are the days when a good fight in the parking lot solved problems. Or when mere bluffing was enough to deter a fight. The dunce corner was the place where students took time out to think about their errant behavior. Arm-wrestling used to be the best way to determine the better man.

Now apologies are as out of date as landline telephones. Working out problems and forgiveness are concepts that were buried with the dinosaurs.  In today’s fast-paced society, many chose to settle disputes and frustrations quickly and permanently!  Here’s what I mean.

  • If someone disagrees with you—shoot him.
  • When driving and the car behind you honks—shoot the driver.
  • If your live-in mate decides to break up with you and move out—shoot to kill.
  • When you need drugs and your mother won’t give you the money—kill her.
  • When you sell somebody drugs on credit and they default—drive by his house, job, or place here he is eating—shoot at him, possibly killing him and anybody else who gets in the way.
  • If your neighbor borrows your power tools and fails to return them—kill him in his driveway.
  • You’re driving along with a few friends in the car and you start to argue. All of you pull guns and shoot at each other killing one. Toss his body out of the car and keep driving until the police catch you. Shoot at the police until you are apprehended.
  • Your teacher embarrasses you in front of your classmates—threaten to kill him.
  • You catch your spouse having an affair. Hold everyone hostage until you brilliantly plan and execute a murder-suicide.
  • Life is frustrating and meaningless. Join a group that believes that a better life is just a drink away and participate in a mass suicide.

Killing seems to be the anger management technique of choice in America. Maybe the future holds new solutions.  If the present continues in this vein, for some, there will be no tomorrow.

.inspired by actual news!