Easter has just passed taking with it the unique chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs that only come out at Easter. You know that odd taste that’s not like a Hershey Kiss, Twix, Three Musketeer, or any of the other popular candies. This Easter chocolate is different. It’s not bitter. It’s not sweeter than the other chocolates. It is a shade lighter than most chocolates. I must find out what’s in it!

When eating the chocolate Easter bunny, the correct way is to bite off the ears first and work your way through his face then on to his roly-poly torso. Depending on the size of the bunny, the feet would have to wait until¬†another day. Eating too much Easter chocolate definitely¬†causes a tummy ache. That’s how I know the candy-makers put an ingredient in it that’s not in regular chocolate!

Next year, I’m going to read the label to see if I can find the mysterious ingredient that accounts for the Easter taste. Also, they take the Easter candies off the shelves within a week of Easter. What would happen if it stayed there a month or longer? Something is odd about Easter chocolate and I will research that next year. So be sure to come back!

By the way…if you know what it is, reply to this post or email me at diane@dianeharveyblog.com.