When you hear the word collateral you immediately think of damage. In traditional warfare, collateral damage occurs when a hostile action causes unintended physical damage to civilian persons or objects. Recently I heard a therapist define a new term collateral beauty. “In the midst of sadness, look for the beauty resulting from that situation,” was how… Read More

A young co-worker and I were discussing dating. She told me about a guy that she was interested in, but that the timing was off. I asked what she meant by the timing was off and she replied, “He’s boo-ed up now.” Thinking I understood, I said, “So does that mean he’s in jail?” She… Read More

Over 20 years ago, I endured something so painful that I didn’t mind dying. I had no plans to kill myself, but it was fine if I went to sleep and never woke up. My friend Michelle sent me the nicest greeting card with sentiments to just hang in there and that things would get… Read More

My grandmother told me not to make promises that I could not keep. At the time I made a promise, I had every intention of fulfilling it. Some I did. Some I didn’t. Unless I could control all the elements in the universe – sickness, aging, death, and everything in between, I learned not to… Read More

The following blog is an introduction to my upcoming book on caregiving. It chronicles the highs and lows of my experience providing care for my elderly father. The book will be available on eBook and paperback by August 2022. Three months after his stroke and heart attack, Daddy was discharged from the hospital to come… Read More

Let me start at the end of my story and work my way backward. Last week, I assisted a homeless lady at the park to find safety. I can’t take credit for everything that happened, because my friend Michelle was part of it. The divine order here, is how my day unfolded for me to… Read More

For some reason this year, my brother and I reflected on past Easters. First of all there was Good Friday. Schools were closed and businesses were open from nine until noon. The highlight for us was going shopping for dressy shoes. My mother took us to Buster Brown Shoe store. She said our feet grew… Read More

Everything happens for a reason. When that’s hard to believe, turn to nature for clarity. It teaches the dichotomy of good and bad producing beauty. Water is wet, fluid, easy-flowing. Rocks are hard, uniquely shaped, non-porous. Sounds like opposites, but when the two collide, a splendid landscape emerges. While walking in the park, I saw… Read More

In his poem Harlem, Langston Hughes asks, “What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?” What causes people to defer dreams? One answer is the lack of faith in their ability to achieve them. Those who never stop striving, regardless of countless challenges, ultimately find success.            Actress… Read More

When I was in the 7th grade, a male classmate gave me a pair of earrings for Christmas. We called him Smiley, but I think his real name was Leonard. Until that time, no boy had given me a gift…except for Richard Nichols and he pulled my name in a gift exchange in French class.… Read More